Three's A Crowd

Three's A Crowd

Funny Faces

24"H x 20"W

Acrylic on Canvas

  A splendid mix of color, flourish, and style, the FUNNY FACES series by artist Vladimir Nazarov recalls all those hilarious people you meet in your life and all those hilarious social situations that shape you forever more. Abstract and playful, cheerful and wise, these delightful surveys of the human visage are an act of social mapping and cultural commentary. They are a grand anthropomorphic gesture in full effect. These faces occupy a brightly rendered post-racial terrain, their expressive eyes and gaping mouths open vessels to be filled with the new meanings of our contemporary social matrix and divine inter connectivity.

     What is their absolute meaning and what medicine do they bring? Nazarov leaves it up to the viewer to decide, giving the forms breathing room enough for a receptive party to fill in the gaps with his or her own wandering imaginary and inventive memory.