About The Artist

Vladimir Nazarov

Vladimir Nazarov is a contemporary visual artist living in New York City.  His fascination with the healing nature of art is what motivates him to create.  Chiefly concerned with the concept behind a given art work, Nazarov lets the work unfold in whatever medium his subject matter necessitates. A pioneer in the use of  color, space, and layering in symbolic abstraction, Nazarov’s chosen medium is but the vehicle of his creative expression in totality.

Nazarov was one of the very first artists to settle down in the once industrial-wasteland like area along the East River known as Dumbo.   He is a firm believer in the power of art to enrich neighborhoods and create a perfect symbiosis between commercial businesses and artistic expression.  The beauty and power of present Dumbo is the way in which it demonstrates the power of artists to shape and uplift the community.

Vladimir Nazarov at his Studio in Upstate NY

Vladimir Nazarov Gathering Materials For An Installation


Seldom constrained by any sort of limitations, Nazarov is just that type of artist who defines himself beyond the limits of definition. Philosophically speaking, Nazarov believes that it is when we create that we are truly alive, and that the feeling is contagious. Looking at one of his many well-executed artworks can produce a mini epiphany in the viewer. Art is alive, and the viewer becomes a part of the work itself the very moment they begin to absorb, process and make sense of its many meanings.

As a painter, Vladimir is largely known for his innovative use of color and layering.  His subtle meditations on space and movement seemingly express the essence of life itself. Ultimately, Nazarov’s works are an emotionally-charged, open-ended treatise on the human condition. With masterful flourishes and painterly delicacy, again and again, Vladimir proves himself as a master dissecting the eternal mysteries of what it means to be human.

Through his various travels abroad, Vladimir has learned about other cultures, and this experiential wisdom certainly shines through in his work. Another strong conceptual thread governing his oeuvre is the meeting point of nature and culture. Like artists have since the beginning of time, his work entails a deep inquiry into the heart of a society that aims to control nature.  Nazarov questions if it is the destiny of humanity to destroy nature and if so, if it is a path to our self destruction.  A naturally outdoorsy type, he has been known to retreat into the serene bosoms of nature to draw inspiration for his work. His equal love for the urban grime of New York City is certainly a dynamic tension within his personality, and one that he regularly works out in his creative pursuits.

Vladimir Nazarov working in his Studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn New York

Vladimir Nazarov in Studio

Artist Statement

I believe that there is a hidden healing power in art.  The process of painting, itself, is an experience that for me is so uplifting and therapeutic; it transports me to another world where worries do not exist.When you are in the presence of serene and uplifting art it speaks to you in a way that reaches you on a spiritual level.  this has a tremendous physiological and psychological effect on one’s body.  Many people who have viewed my art have commented that when looking at my paintings they can feel their stress melt away.

As much pleasure as I have in creating my art, nothing can compare to the joy I feel when I hear the positive effect it has shown to have on others.  If I am able to lift the spirits, enlighten and bring happiness to a person’s life, even for one moment, then I myself am truly happy, for that is the best way for me to share the joy that I feel when I create art. I consider painting to be the best language to use when communicating with the heart and soul. Many people keep journals to express and release what is on their minds and in their hearts…my art is my journal.  

  -Vladimir Nazarov


2019 - Parker NY Hotel Installation, Solo Exhibition, New York City

2018 - A Scene In Love, Dumbo Open Studios 2018, Dumbo New York

2018 - Superfine Galley, Group Exhibition, New York City

2017 - Winter Show, Impact Art Gallery, Chelsea, New York City

2017 - Joining The Poets, Superfine Gallery, Solo Exhibition New York City

2017 - Love In A Box, Dumbo Archway Exhibition and Artists Interactive Project, Solo Exhibition, New York City - http://dumbo.is/hosting/live-at-the-archway-with-795/

2017 - Dumbo Open Studios - https://dumboopenstudios.com/vladimir-nazarov/

2017, Impact Art Gallery, Group Exhibition, Washington D.C.

2016, PRADA Building Installation, Solo Exhibition, New York City

2016, Impact Art Gallery, Group Exhibition, Washington D.C.

2016, Love In Third Person, Solo Exhibition, New York City

2016, Evolved Science, Solo Exhibition, New York City

2015, Breaking Through Bricks, Solo Exhibition, New York City

2015, Chelsea Arts Festival, Group Exhibition, New York City

2014, 36th Annual Art Expo  – http://artexponewyork.com/2014/04/record-sales-attendees-exhibitor-success-at-our-36th-artexpo-show-highlights/

2014, Dumbo Arts Festival, Solo Exhibition

2014, International Art Festival, Group Show

2014, Spectrum Art Fair / Art Basel Week

2014, NY Contemporary Art Fair

2013, Spectrum Art Fair/ Art Basel Week

2013, Spectrum New York

2013, New York Contemporary Art Festival

2013, Dumbo Arts Festival, Solo Exhibition

2012, Dumbo Arts Festival, Solo Exhibition

2011, Faces, Group Exhibition

2011, Dumbo Arts Festival, Solo Exhibition

2010, Dumbo Arts Festival, Solo Exhibition

2009, Lost Once More, Solo Show

2009 Dumbo Arts Festival, Solo Exhibition

2008, Dumbo Arts Festival, Solo Exhibition

 2007, Dumbo Arts Festival, Solo Exhibition

2007, Surrealist Portraiture II, Solo Show

2006, Facing the Music, Solo Show

2006, Dumbo Arts Festival, Solo Exhibition

2005, Art Man – Business Man, Solo Show

2005, Dumbo Arts Festival, Solo Exhibition

2004, Dumbo Arts Festival, Solo Exhibition

2003, Dumbo Arts Festival, Solo Exhibition

2003, Welcome To The Thoughts In My Head, Solo Exhibtion

2002, For The Love Of Color, Group Show

2001, Surrealist Portraiture, Solo Show

1997, Bodies of Art, Group Show

1995, Metal Work, Solo Show