In Time

In Time


24"H x 20"W

Acrylic on Canvas

      Flourishes epitomize the power of gestural creativity so pivotal to modern art disciplines. As a reoccurring motif of Vladimir’s oeuvre, flourishes take the center stage in this exciting new series, connecting these works to nearly every painting in this prolific artist’s extensive collection. Full of kinetic energy, these works infer much, leaving the viewer prey to a variety of powerful instincts. En masse, they express the oceanic contours of the sea, or the all-encompassing horizon, tapping once again into Nazarov’s unwavering reverence for the natural world and its simple forms.

     Often rendered in a dark to light gradient, these are twilight paintings straddling the border between day and night, land and sea. Perhaps they are the aesthetic and emotional equivalent of those tender liminal states, where dark meets light, where earth meets water. Viscerally charged and yet hard to define, the flourish surpasses mere mark making, it shuffles beyond the static image and flat surface, catapulting the viewer far into the unknown ethers of the great cosmic soup.