Cafe About To Pop

Cafe About To Pop

Classical Confetti

20"H x 24"W

Acrylic on Canvas

In one of his recent and most popular new spin off series, Vladimir Nazarov revamps a classic tradition in the arts with timely savvy. Under the guise of skillful figuration – landscape, portraiture and their ilk – Nazarov charges the canvas with his own delicate overlay of celestial confetti. Light, gestural and rendered in pastel hues, the confetti overlay ultimately reads as a type of conceptual intervention made upon works that would fit nicely within the classical canon.

Seemingly quaint, historical scenes appear flooded over with expressive, light, ethereal and flowing bodies of pigment. A provocative concept, the CLASSICAL CONFETTI series indicates a quintessentially post-modern or post-genre period in the contemporary arts. By becoming a type of secret vandal against his own paintings, Nazarov destabilizes the age-old trinity calling for blind veneration of the artist as divine creator, female as object, and viewer as passive spectator.  Enhanced by Nazarov’s signature use of bold, bright color, these distinctive semi-narrative renderings of flowers, ladies, landscapes and otherwise bucolic terrains are conceptually vast verging on splendidly absurd.